Educate Girls Network

During the height of the Ebola Crisis in the Fall months of 2014, or the rainy season in Liberia, an organization was so persistent in envisioning a period beyond Ebola, that they began raising funds for scholarship. Educate Girls Network, under the direction of Rosio Godomar, followed through with grassroots efforts to raise monies for scholarships for a female student, from Grand Kru or Maryland Counties in southeast Liberia.

A female student who will study in a discipline within the College of Education, will benefit from this Academic Year 2014/2015 scholarship which includes tuition and housing. Applicants interested in benefitting from this scholarship should contact TU’s Mrs. Viola L. Lincoln, Director for Financial Aid and Scholarships at 0886709902 for qualifying information.

Educate Girls Network ( ) has partnered with TU to help build Liberia’s human capacity by educating females in southeast Liberia.




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