Tuition and Fees for academic year. Tuition and fees can be paid in USD or its LD equivalent.

Tuition Liberian Student International Student
Tuition per Credit Hour US$ 5.00 US 25.00
Registration Fee (Per semester) US$ 15.00 US$ 15.00
Activities (Per semester) US$ 10.00 US$ 10.00
Athletics Fee (Per semester) US$ 10.00 US$ 10.00
Library Fee (Per semester) UD$ 10.00 UD$ 10.00
Breakage Fee (per annual) US$ 20.00 US$ 20.00
ID Card Fee (per annual) US$ 10.00 US$ 10.00
Technology fee (Per semester) US$ 10.00 US$ 10.00
Student insurance (Per Semester) LD$ 250.00 LD$ 250.00
Other Important Information    
Lab (Chemistry, Physics, & Biology) US$ 20.00 US$ 20.00
Nursing Lab / Clinical Course US$ 25.00 US$ 25.00
P. E. T-shirt …(per annual) US$ 10.00 US$ 10.00
Scholarship Students Dormitory Fee US$ 640.00 US$ 640.00
**Dormitory fees (Per Semester) US$ 150.00 US$ 150.00
Tuition and Dormitory Payment Plan
  • 50% of tuition and fees, and Dormitory Fees (where applicable), plus the cost of ID card must be paid during Registration.

  • 25% of balance tuition and fees plus Dormitory Fees (if applicable), must be paid before the student is allowed to sit for Mid -Term Exams.

  • The final 25% tuition and fees plus Dormitory Fees (if applicable), must be paid before the student can sit for the Final Exams.

  • Students who register after the general registration period will be charged a late fee of USD20.00.

  • A fee of US$10.00 per course will be charged for late Add & Drop.

  • Breakage Fee is non-refundable. Any student, who damages university property in excess of the breakage fees, will be liable.

  • Academic Records may be withheld for non-payment of Tuition and Fees.


Ecobank USD Account - 0141014700080503

Ecobank LRD Account - 0140014700080502

Deposit $5.00 USD or its equivalent into the LRD account, then take the bank receipt along with the completed application to the University Office.

This document is subject to change without prior notice.

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