A Message from Mr. Roland D. Collins, Director of the Financial Aid/Scholarships

Preparing to attend University is an exciting time in your life, and we are pleased that you are considering William V.S. Tubman University. Information on this website will assist you in making this important decision, whether you are a returning student, entering freshman or a transfer student, TU welcomes you.
There are many reasons for selecting one university from a list of institutions of higher learning; however, we know that cost and available financial assistance are very crucial to the decision-making process. The Office of Financial Aid/Scholarships would like to assist you and your families in any way possible as you sort through the network of financial aid programs and budgeting issues. And please do not hesitate to contact us; we can be reached by phone, e-mail, or in person. We hope you discover that Tubman University is truly the right place for your college life.
Email: rcollins@tubmanu.edu.lr
Phone:  +231 (886) 472 87 or (778) 143 537

Applying for Aid

Reminder – Complete your TUFA
Tubman University Financial Aid Office is coded SA-05. 
Start your financial planning now to ensure that you have a successful semester II 2018/2019 AY. 

Semester II Financial Aid 2018/2019

To be evaluated for aid for Semester II 2018-2019 you must complete the Tubman University Financial Aid Application, available mid-December, 2018
For priority consideration, our office must receive your application by December 20, 2018.  If we receive your application after that date, you may need to pay for Second Semester School on your own. However, we will continue to review applications after that date.

Semester II Application Instructions:

  • Please log into http://www.tubmanu.edu.lr
  • Click on Financial Aid folder
  • Click on the Semester II Application
  • Select Aid Year
  • Complete the second Semester Application
  • Click Submit

Accepting Your Aid

The Office of Financial Aid/Scholarships notifies you of your scholarship/financial aid award package by email, SMS & cell phone call. You can view and accept your award package online. The TU work-study program requires you to accept the award through your student account.

Before accepting any scholarship or aid, make sure that you will be enrolled for all the semesters for which you are accepting aid. If an award amount is offered for a semester that you will not be enrolled, contact the Office of Financial Aid immediately.

Accept the Work Study Award in TU

  • Go to http://www.tubmanu.edu.lr
  • Log in to tubmanu.edu.lr (use the same login as above). Then, click on the “Financial Aid.”
  • Select “Award Information.” Then, select “Award by Aid Year.”
  • Choose the appropriate academic year. (The new academic year starts with Semester I and ends with Semester II.)
  • Click on the “Accept Award Offer” tab.
  • Pay attention to the award period (whether one or two semesters).
  • Carefully read and follow the instructions to accept the amount (if any) that you want.
  • If you already made a decision in TU award, then to adjust the amount or award period, you must notify the Office of Financial Aid in writing. email to: rcollins@tubmanu.edu.lr

Maintaining Your Aid

Need-based financial aid awards are not automatically renewed each year. To maintain eligibility, students must continue to:

  • File the TUFA
  • Have a complete file by April 1st
  • Demonstrate financial need
  • Make satisfactory progress toward degree requirements
  • Remain in good academic standing

Grade Levels Used to Determine Eligibility

Grade levels are used to determine the amount of money students are eligible to get. The chart below demonstrates how grade level is determined at Tubman University.

Class Quarter credits Gradel Level
Freshman year 0–36 1
Sophomore year 37–72 2
Junior year 73–108 3
Senior Year 109 and above 4

Enrollment Requirements

Generally, Tubman University-administered aid is awarded to full-time students. Students must register for a minimum of 12 credits per term to be considered full-time as undergraduate.

Withdrawing from Courses  

Withdrawing from courses may impact your financial aid awards. Before withdrawing from class, please contact the Financial Aid Office to be informed the consequences and to make the necessary changes.

Withdrawing from the University  

Students who receive aid and totally withdraw may owe the University money if funds must be returned. Before withdrawing from the University, you should contact the Financial Aid Office for proper changes to be made and consequences communicated.

Donors Verification

Some students are required by their donors to document certain requirements with the Financial Aid Office. Funds cannot be disbursed until these requirements are satisfied. Initially these will be requested through your deans and by post on the bulletin boards, but you can monitor what is needed as well as your status.

Financial Aid Verification Process

What is verification?
A student’s application for TU financial aid may be selected for review in the Quality Assurance Verification Process and verification is a process use to verify certain information on the TUFA form to ensure its accuracy.

Why is your file being verified?

While there are several reasons why a student may be selected for verification some leading causes are:

  • The submitted TUFA application has incomplete data
  • The data on the TUFA application appears to contradict itself
  • The TUFA application has estimated information on it
  • Random selection

What documents are needed after registration?

The verification process requires that students submit documentation such as photo copy of grade sheet, signed and stamped control sheets, ID Cards and or thank you letter.

How will I know I have been selected?
Notification is sent to the student’s TU SMS account which will state that there are outstanding requirements. The student’s SMS account will list the document requirements and the status. 

What happens if there are discrepancies in the application? 

After all required documents are submitted, the Financial Aid Office will compare them to your application. If errors are found, students will be contacted to come and do corrections. If the errors are significant enough to change the amount of financial aid that you were awarded, the Financial Aid Office will retransmit the TUFA to student for reprocessing.

How long does data correction take?

You should allow 10 business days for the verification review process and an additional 5 business days if corrections have to be made and transmitted.

  • Additional time may be necessary during peak periods
  • Once the verification and/or correction process is completed the student will be awarded within 5 business days. An SMS notifying the student of the award will be sent to their SMS account
  • Verification must be completed in advance of disbursing any money from TU financial aid program so it is vital to send, complete, and correct errors as quickly as possible.


How long do I have to complete verification?

Students are expected to apply for aid and complete the verification process before the registration is concluded; otherwise, the student is in jeopardy of not receiving any TU aid for their period of enrollment.

  • All required documents should be submitted to the Financial Aid Office no later than 10 registration days from the initial date of request.
  • Any delay in submitting all required documents will cause a delay in awarding of financial aid resulting in the student being responsible for paying all or part of their bill until awarding takes place.

Criteria for eligibility for Financial Aid

  • A student must be enrolled as a “regular student”, seeking a degree, or degree with transfer, in TU program;
  • TU aid is based on academic year eligibility and will be adjusted each semester according to the number of units in which a student is enrolled and the availability of funds;
  • Student eligibility will be based on enrollment status during the award period;
  • Student eligibility for financial aid is contingent upon a student meeting Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) policies;
  • A student is responsible for all fees other than tuition.

Golden Veroleum Liberia (GVL) Applicants

  • All GVL applicants must apply through GVL’s sustainability teams within the counties of Grand Kru and Sinoe during school breaks;
  • If the process is not complete the student is not eligible for GVL scholarship for that award year.

Educate Girls Network Scholarship Applicants

  • Under privileged female students hailing from any of the three southeastern counties of River Gee, Grand Kru and Maryland;
  • Must be accepted into a degree program;
  • Must have registered minimum of 12 credit hours or more;
  • Must demonstrate genuine financial need;
  • Not on any disciplinary probation;

Special Programs

Sometimes students require assistance beyond the ordinary enrollment programs. While participating in Vacation School programs, Tubman University will not award financial aid during vacation school.

Requirements for Programs

Depending on the program of study, additional information must be provided to the Office of Financial Aid. It is your responsibility to furnish the required information. It is also your responsibility to make certain that you understand what is required of you in order to receive any qualified funds.
You must register for full-time in order to receive financial aid. Full-time is 12 credit hours or more for undergraduate level.

Looking for a form? Click on the PDF below.

Golden Veroleum Liberia / Ministry of Agriculture - Scholarship Applicant Profile 

Scholarship Application Form (Return completed form to the Division of Student Affairs )

Applicable for the Educate Girls Network Scholarship.

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