VP of Sponsored Programs and Economic Development - Vacant

The Division of Sponsored Programs and Economic Development (SPED) is one of the five Divisions at Tubman University. It is headed by a Vice President. The Division focuses on two key areas (sponsored programs and economic development) that are relevant for advancing the University’s Mission and Vision.

Tubman University is already host to a number of sponsored programs and projects through its partnership with local and international institutions/entities including, Lonestar Foundation, on ICT training for high school teachers and students; UNIDO and Liberia’s Ministry of Commerce and Industry, on a Rubber Science Technology Institute, and Partners in Health, on a national training center of excellence in Ebola prevention and treatment.

SPED’s goal is to build on existing partnerships and cultivate new ones that will expand the University’s capacity to contribute to the growth and development of society. The Division of Sponsored Programs and Economic Development is currently involved with a number of initiatives that are aimed at raising funds for some key University projects including; seeking funding (through grant proposals) for the construction of a University Sports Complex on campus; sharing with potential funders, an agriculture proposal to support sustainable food production in Maryland County; spearheading a capital campaign for the construction of a Student Services building on campus; collaborating with the various colleges of the University in support of their respective and collective initiatives.

The other area of focus for the Division is ‘Economic Development’. SPED, through the University’s Auxiliary Enterprise System (AES), aims to enhance Tubman University’s revenue-generating capacity, by engaging in economically profitable initiatives such as the University cafeteria on campus, the University farm in Barrobo, and a photocopy center on campus. In the near future, the AES will also embark on additional business ventures including partnering with potential investors to establish and operate a mini-mart on campus, and a wood technology/woodwork center that will process and market value added wood products, a hotel and conference center etc. In order for the AES to expand its operations and activities, it seeks partnership with interested individuals, entities, or corporations willing to invest in some of the AES’s business ventures.

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